Motorola’s Business Continues to Decline Sharply

Motorola’s Business Continues to Decline Sharply

Techno Bussiness – Lenovo Indonesia denied there will be changes in the line of Motorola. They emphasize that the Motorola brand is and will continue to exist. Adrie Suhadi, Country Lead Mobile Business Group (MBG) of Lenovo Indonesia, said since the first time online sbobet reintroducing Motorola to Indonesia, Lenovo is carrying two brands. This was conveyed by Adrie to clarify the existence of the issue of brand name change from the phone they marketed.

“From the first tuh the name of his brand Motorola, the motto is the name of the type: Moto C, Moto Z. But the brand remains Motorola,” said Adrie when met at the launch of Moto C in Menteng, Jakarta, last Thursday.

The strategy of carrying these two brands, they choose because Lenovo intends to reach a larger market. If the Lenovo brand is aimed at the lower-middle segment at an affordable price, then Motorola they aim to target the upper middle segment.

One of Lenovo’s implementation of the strategy is differentiating sales channels between Lenovo and Motorola. According to Adrie, Lenovo is trying to reintroduce the brand into the Indonesian market through an online channel.

“Now we distinguish the channel first with Lenovo, because we want to see if this channel is intertwined or not, so there is no mutual cannibal,” said Adrie.

As is known Motorola brand is under the umbrella of Lenovo company since the company from United States was acquired in 2014 ago. This acquisition makes Lenovo has two smart phone brands.

Although Lenovo says it wants to target different segments for these two mobile brands, but in the end each brand plays in all segments as well. This is evident from the introduction of Moto C, yesterday, June 08. Moto C targeted the entry-level market by offering affordable mobile phones. Lenovo offers two variants Moto C. Moto C worth Rp1 million for version 3, while Moto C worth Rp1, 3 million for the 4G version.

Lenovo argues the presence of Motorola in this entry-level segment to complement the line of smart phones that already exist in other segments. Thus, Motorola buyers have more options.

“Well, if we (now) play in each segment, but we are premium in each segment,” Adrie exclaimed when asked for comments about the presence of Moto C.

In fact, for the entry-level segment, Lenovo already has Lenovo A1000 and A1000 M. Both phones are priced at Rp700 thousand and Rp570 thousand each.