Haier Ready to Launch ‘Feature Phone’ with Android and 4G

Haier Ready to Launch ‘Feature Phone’ with Android and 4G

Bussiness Techno Released again Nokia Classic 3110 which was busy talked about, apparently inspire Haier to launch poker online terpercaya a similar phone. It’s just that the feature phone that will digelontorkannya in the Indonesian market is already using the Android operating system.

“The form of candybar like feature phone,” explained Taufan Tanoto, Country Department Overseas Market Manager when met at the signing of Haier cooperation with Datascrip on Wednesday, in Jakarta.

Interestingly, although this phone is called Taufan as feature phone and candy bar shaped, but already has 4G connection. Unfortunately it is still unclear whether the Android operating system embedded in this phone will be able to run full or just use certain features. For example can only be used to run some applications, SMS, and phone calls for example

Haier will bring four product

In addition to presenting the unique feature of the phone, Haier has also introduced a new Android phone, Leisure 7 (L7). This product is only available on 20 June. For now, users can preorder online.

In addition to L7, Bobby Ivan, Division Manager Datascrip as a distributor of products mentioned that there are a total of four products that will slide this year. Four products are in the form of two types of highend phones, and two others for the middle market. Haier L7 is the first product of the four products.

Separately, Wang Zz, President Director of Haier Telecom, mentioned that two other products will be launched by the end of the year. “End of November,” Wang explained. He also explained the product to be launched is a flagship product for the other one product present for the middle class worth Rp1.499.000.

“Not entry level, still medium, only (specification) slightly below L7,” he explained. While flagshipnya products staying will use dual cameras. Currently these products are still in the process of managing TKDN, as explained Taufan

Haier will also build a good ecosystem

Haier also aspires to build an ecosystem of products and accessories for its smartphones. So later according to Wang, his company will introduce also accessories ranging from earphones to powerbank.

Bobby did not deny that the competition in the offline market is heavy. Because, almost all mobile phone vendors are still relying on offline sales rather than online. For that, the differentiator offered by Haier through its first mobile phone Haier Leisure 7 (L7) is to optimize after-sales service.

“Another phone offers a year warranty, we give 1.5 years,” explained Bobby. In addition, he also ensures the reparations poker online terpercaya provided at the Haier repair center will be completed in a day. “We can wait,” he explained. Bobby claims that reparations will be completed in at least three hours. “If brought before 2 o’clock (noon),” added Taufan.