Apple will Put Automatic iPhone Screen Repair Machine

Apple will Put Automatic iPhone Screen Repair Machine

Bussiness Techno By the end of 2017, Apple will put automatic machines to fix iPhone cracking screens in 400 third party authorized remedial centers in 25 countries One of Miami’s Best Buy repair centers, Minneapolis, has received Horizon Machine to serve users in the Sunnyvale, California area. What is the sophistication of the machine This machine is designed to properly calibrate the screen. In particular he ensures the Touch ID sensor is replaced without damaging the iPhone or eliminating the sbobet judi online sensor. Screen replacement is not something that is too complex but very crucial. Horizon will make the iPhone look completely new as if just coming out of the box.

“For security, only Apple fix-it machines can tell the iPhone processor, it’s brained in silicon, to recognize the turn of the sensor. Without it, the iPhone will not open with the touch of a finger. Banking applications that require fingerprint sensors will also not be used, including Apple Pay digital wallet, “said Reuters.

Apple said that this step was taken to introduce reparation legislation in some countries. In addition, the Cupertino company is also keen to reduce the waiting time for improvements at the Apple Store and facilitate quality improvements in some countries where Apple stores are not present.

“We want to widen our reach. We design for a customer experience that exceeds anything our competitors are trying to do. We strive to make it exactly to the same standards as when customers bought the product, “said Brian Naumann, Senior Director of Apple Service Operations.

Apple has built this machine for the past four years to be placed in the Apple Store. But now, a third party can also. So far, Apple has hidden the project before any of the photos showing the leak repair process on the internet.

Apple has also piloted this pilot project for a year. Mike Lanigan, Head of Engineer for Apple services, said that the repair service like this has actually been requested by users since 2007. But the company waits for the process to be perfect first.

Apple does not provide any statements about revenue from its repairs service or which companies have made Horizon. However, analysts expect companies with a bitten apple logo to earn US $ 1-2 billion each year from the reparations business.

Meanwhile, in addition to Miami, this machine is already operating in several repair centers in London, Shanghai, and Singapore. Unfortunately, there is no sign of Indonesia will miss this machine. The countries without the so-called Apple Store will be the arrival of the new Horizon of Colombia, Norway and South Korea.